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Disability Tennis: No Barriers At Riverside Tennis Club

Our aim is to inspire everyone to play tennis. Whatever your disability there is always something at Riverside that you can get involved in. We are Bedfordshire's premier tennis club and one of a small number of Clubs in the Country that are part of the Disability Tennis Network. The club has a good social scene and you can make new friends easily.

We currently run sessions for the following groups:

Adult Learning Disability
Junior Downs Syndrome – through DS Active
Junior Learning Disability
Wheelchair tennis

There are costs associated to attend our sessions, but we try and keep these to a minimum. Download the Autumn term form here.

Richard Ball is our Disability Tennis Manager. We are looking to add sessions for Deaf & Visually Impaired people who are looking to play tennis. Please feel free to get in touch with Richard if you’d like to know more about what we can do for you. Our aim is to ensure that we have no barriers for anyone wanting to come and play tennis at Riverside.

Outreach Work

We also can support your group by setting up sessions in schools, clubs and at other organisations that would like to have a go at tennis who might not be able to make it down to Riverside Tennis Club.

We have a good network of volunteers who help run the sessions but we’re always on the lookout for more hands!

Richard Ball
Disability Tennis Manager
07956 664457